The Section 809 Panel has received a large volume of input from acquisition stakeholders, public and private, located throughout the world on issues related to streamlining the acquisition system. The input came in a variety of forms, including email, letters, phone, and other communications, and every comment was addressed by one or more of the teams and staff dedicated to the Section 809 Panel activity. To date, over 500 pieces of correspondence ranging from 1 or 2 line comments to lengthy policy papers have been accepted for processing by Panel staff in one form or another. To the extent the suggestions aligned with Panel topical priorities and team subject matters, they were accepted for further research and dispositioned through a research team and/or addressed directly in one or more of the Panel reports as needed, and which are accessible online.

In order to conclude the Panel’s statutory duties in a timely fashion, the Section 809 Panel will no longer be accepting any public comments or suggestions through the website after June 30, 2018. However, those that have been received prior to that time will be adjudicated thoroughly and disposition made as noted on our website. Although the web portals will no longer be active after June 30, 2018, Panel staff and Commissioners will continue to interact with the public to gather information as needed and any input evolving from further public contact in whatever form will be dispositioned accordingly. The Panel is grateful for the public’s interest and input on streamlining acquisition. This input has enhanced the Panel’s data collection and research as it fulfills its mission to streamline and codify defense acquisition.

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